Thursday, July 21, 2011

MacBook Pro : Print Black and White in Any Application

Unfortunately, only the Preview application allows for grayscale printing (at least on my macbook pro). Take these steps to allow you to print in black and white in any application.

1) When you press Print in any application, you will have an option of "Preview" that is close to bottom left. Click on the Preview button.

2) This will open the document in Preview (the software program) as a PDF. Now click File > Print.

3) There should be a dropdown menu where "Preview" is currently selected. Click the dropdown menu and select "Quality & Media."

4) A checkbox titled "Grayscale Printing" should appear at the bottom. Check this box.

5) Push Print

Monday, July 4, 2011

Laws of Operation : Commutative Law (กฏการสลับที่)

Commutative Law (กฏการสลับที่)

The commutative law says that when you add or multiply numbers, the order doesn't matter

Ex1. A+B = B+A
-----> 2+4 = 4+2

Ex2. AxB = BxA
-----> 2x4 = 4x2


A-B ≠ B-A nor A÷B ≠ B÷A