Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grammar : Adjectives and Adverbs Irregular Comparative and Superlative Form

Some comparative and superlative forms are irregular.

Adj. and Adv. ----> Comparative ----> Superlative

good (adj.)/well (adv) ----> better ----> the best
Ex1. You are the best singer in the show.

bad (adj.)/badly (adv.) ----> worse ----> the worst
Ex1. Today is worse than yesterday.

little (adj./adv.) ----> less ----> the least
Ex1. Give me less sugar.

many (adj./adv.) ----> more ----> the most
Ex1. I want more coffee.

far (adj./adv.) ----> farther ----> the farthest
( physical distance )
Ex1. Alaska is the farthest away from home that I have ever been.

far (adj./adv.) ----> farther ----> the farthest
( abstract distance )
Ex1. Let's discuss the problem further tomorrow.

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