Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blackberry : How blackberry email reconciliation-(Deleting Emails) works.

In order to set reconciling options on Black Berry Device go to:

Messages –> then select “Options”–> “Email Reconciliation”

Reconciliation options are:

***** Delete on: “Mailbox & handheld” – Means: When you delete message on Device or outlook message will be deleted.

***** Delete on: “Handled” – Means: When you delete message on Device, message won’t be deleted from mailbox.

Recommended settings setup:

1. From your home screen, go into your Messages folder.

2. Once in your messages, folder, bring up your menu

3. Scroll down to and choose “Options”.

4. Scroll down to and select “Email Reconciliation”.

5. In the “Email Reconciliation” menu, make sure “Delete On” is set to “Prompt”.

6. Confirm that Wireless Reconcile is set to “On

7. Confirm that “On Conflicts” your “Mailbox Wins

8. Save your changes.

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