Sunday, May 23, 2010

English : Tenses

English : Tenses
Past Simple : V2
- I went to Bangkok ten years ago.

Past Continuous : was,were + Ving
- I was cooking when Aum entered my apartment.

Past Perfect : had + V3
- I had left Paris before he came to visit his uncle.

Present Simple : V1 (s,es)
- The sun rises in the east.

Present continuous : is, am, are + Ving
- I am cooking now.
- I am having a party tomorrow.

Present Perfect : has, have +V3
- I have just finished my homework.
- I have studied English since I was young.

Future Simple : will, shall + V1
- I will go to London next year.

Future Continuous : will, shall + be + Ving
- I will preparing dinner at 9 o'clock tonight.

Future Prefect : will, shall + have +V3
- The company will have finished the construction project by next 24 years

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